The Centre is intended to foster and promote research and teaching in cognitive studies within the University of Iceland, predominantly within literature and linguistics. Particular emphasis will be placed on introducing the CentreĀ“s research outcomes to the general public. The Centre is furthermore intended to become a site for international collaboration. The field of cognitive literary criticism and cognitive linguistics is interdisciplinary in its essence. Scholars within the field have traditionally drawn on other fields, such as psychology, computer science (artificial intelligence), anthropology and philosophy for a critical framework, but in recent years bioscience has played an increasing role, particularly neuroscience. The field has furthermore seen a growing emphasis on historical and cultural approaches. The Centre will encourage interdisciplinary research to estblish a dialogue between the varying fields and their critical approaches, while nevertheless retaining the initial focus on social context, culture and history. The board will apply for research grants to fund research projects, including doctoral work. The Centre will furthermore host conferences and colloquiums on Cognitive Literary Criticism and Cognitive Linguistics and invite internationally renowned scholars to present their current research within the field of cognitive studies and science. Finally, the Centre will encourage collaboration with artists, among them a painter, a composer and a writer, in order to capitalise on their experience in creative work.